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3supercapacitors-aThe comprehensive Cellergy family of prismatic super capacitors consists of four basic footprints: 12x12.5, 17x17.5, 28x17.5, 48x30.5, as well as customizable arrangements appropriate for a variety of voltages, to meet your specific needs. The voltage ranges from 1.4V up to 12V, and upon special demand, can be extended up to 18V. The capacitance range varies from 7mF up to 700mF, depending on the voltage and other dimensions, and the ESR range varies from 11mΩ for a large supercapacitor, to 1Ω for a small supercapacitor.

Super Capacitor Introduction

grapEDLC (Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors), also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, are electrochemical capacitors that have unusually high energy density when compared with common capacitors. This is typically in the order of thousands of times greater than a high capacity electrolytic capacitor.  Super-capacitors have very high power density when compared to batteries, enabling high current pulses and practically infinite charge/discharge cycles. When a supercapacitor is connected in parallel to a battery, it enhances the performance of the battery and extends its life, exploiting the batteries to their maximum potential.

1st Choice: Cellergy

Production lineCellergy is a leading force in the domain of Pulse Super-capacitors for low voltage, high current, high capacity needs in electronic products. Cellergy SuperCapacitors are used in mobile consumer products, medical, electro-mechanical, and communication industrial applications. Thanks to an innovative proprietary screen printing process, Cellergy delivers cost-effective, energy-saving, high-performing, customizable and environmentally safe Super-capacitors.